Deezer to challenge Spotify

09.57 Europe/London, December 8, 2011 By Robert Briel

French based streaming music service Deezer is challenging its Swedish counterpart Spotify with an aggressive international roll out plan for its service.

The French-based music service Deezer is working on its international rollout; it has just launched in the UK and Belgium.

This week, Deezer launches in the Netherlands and Ireland and by the end of this year it will be available in another 45 countries across Europe, including Spain (December 13), Italy (December 14), Germany (December 15) and Russia (December 19).
By the end of January 2012, the service will launch in Canada and 38 countries in Latin America, and by the end of February it will be available in 41 countries in Australasia and Africa. By the end of June, another 81 countries around the world will have access to the service.
Based in France, Deezer offers subscriptions for PC access or PC and mobile access, as well as a free service. It claims some 20 million users, including 1.5 million paid subscribers. The pay service comes in two tiers, Premium (€4.99 monthly) and Premium+ (€9.99 monthly)