OMSV to focus original mobile programming on app-delivered content

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 08-12-2011

On the Move Systems Media, the new convergent digital media division of On the Move Systems has initiated talks with mobile content developers to create original series "appisodes" for in-app delivery of TV content.

The preferred target destinations of for the appisodes are smartphones and tablets, like the iPad and the sought-after Android-based Samsung Galaxy II.
"We want to be among the first to put original, never-before-seen series programming in your pocket," said OMVS CEO Patrick Brown, in a statement. "It's no secret that there is huge money to be made in producing a hit show, and convergent media has opened up a huge new market for mobile content, as well. By producing programs specifically tailored to mobile devices...we'll be opening a potentially very lucrative new frontier in broadcasting."
OMSV says it targets more than 200 million potential mobile viewers worldwide, and expects mobile video users to outnumber the traditional living room couch potato sooner rather than later.
"Not long ago, the Internet was the new frontier for broadcasting opportunities," Brown added. "Now we have an entire planet of mobile users to whom we can deliver original content. It's an enormous opportunity to build a whole new stratus of viewership and virgin territory for advertisers. We really believe that mobile video broadcasting is the next big thing in entertainment."
The just-launched On the Move Systems Media said that it will focus on direct-to-mobile video reality series programming to start with.
"[The] first order of business will be the development of new attention-grabbing reality series that will become essential viewing for smartphone and tablet users," revealed Brown at launch. "Thanks to new devices such as the iPad 2, users are now able to enjoy television, social media, music, literature and other content on a single device," he continued. "That revolutionary media convergence requires all-new forms of content to satisfy consumer demand. We envision On the Move Systems Media helping to lead the way toward a dramatic shift in viewing habits worldwide."