M2B World Asia Pacific and EggUp in content partnership

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 09-12-2011

M2B World Asia Pacific has announced a content and technology partnership with Key Asylum Corporation’s EggUp. Singaporean broadband content provider M2B World - a subsidiary of Amaru Inc, USA - has agreed to provide films and concerts for EggUp’s online portal Flixscene.
EggUp has created a two-part model committed to providing the highest quality technology for content providers while maintaining a high standard for the Flixscene viewers. Flixscene provides subscribers with both a download and a streaming option, while EggUp protects the content provider from piracy.
M2B’s CEO Percy Chua said: “It is exciting to team up with global thinkers like EggUp’s founder Jon. Together, technology and content will see both our companies at the forefront of the content distribution business.”