Yahoo!7 and Loyalize create social TV App for Australian audiences

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 09-12-2011

Audience participation company Loyalize has teamed up with Yahoo!7 – a 50-50 partnership between the Seven West Media Group and Yahoo! Inc – to launch Fango, a new social app to provide Australian TV fans with a unique, fun and real-time way to interact with their favourite programmes. Fango creates a shared, companion experience that allows friends and fans to connect on iPhones and iPads with their favourite TV shows. Loyalize enables real-time interaction between television viewers, programming and advertisers.
Kath Hamilton, director of operations at Yahoo!7, said: "Fango is the first example of a major digital media network in Australia rolling out such a social platform. Loyalize is the driving technology beneath Fango's social forum – a place where fans can chat about shows, vote in real time on what's happening, and win points, badges and real prizes."
Initially launching on select Channel 7 programmes, from February 2012 Australian viewers will be able to interact with all free-to-air primetime TV shows and major sporting events from Channel 7 and other networks.
With Loyalize's technology, Fango lets fans:
Interact with real time polls and trivia scripted to synchronise with the action on the TV screen.
Check in to favourite TV shows and sports events.
Chat with fellow fans or filter conversations to Facebook friends.
Read or comment on the official Facebook and Twitter conversations easily in one place. Access additional news, blogs and video related to the broadcast. 

Win points and badges by interacting with the show.
Todd Greene, CEO of Loyalize, said: "This is a major step in the interactive TV conversation. Fango absolutely changes the TV viewing dynamic, and it's being rolled out nationally – not just one episode, one show or a commercial here and there. "
The rise in the number of TV viewers using second screen mobile devices while watching TV triggered the launch of the app from Yahoo!7, and is aimed at engaging multi-tasking viewers and as a way for advertisers to tap into audience sentiment beyond the traditional 30-second commercial. Fango will have a range of advertising opportunities available to connect advertisers with their highly engaged audiences.
"Fango provides a companion experience that connects brands with fans in a social, two-way conversation. With the technology provided by Loyalize, Yahoo!7 can now work with advertisers to develop new, highly creative and engaging advertising experiences across multiple devices in a truly integrated way," added Hamilton.
"Fango is one of the most comprehensive and impactful fusions of social media and television the entertainment industry has seen, and Loyalize is excited about driving new advertising and audience engagement opportunities through the development of Fango," added Greene.
Fango is available now for iPhone and iPad in Australia from the iTunes store.