China Mobile reaches 50 million mobile video users

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 10-12-2011 *

China Mobile has reported that it now has 50 million mobile video subscribers.
The service has expanded rapidly, with annual growth of more than 150% over the past five years.
A spokesperson for China Mobile said the operator was working actively to make mobile video the Chinese mobile industry's largest video content aggregation platform, featuring content from the Shanghai Media Group, CCTV, China Radio International (CRI), China National Radio,, the People's Daily, Xinhua, the Communist Youth League, online video site LeTV, Hunan TV, and the China Daily, among other media outlets.
The service stores more than 2.1 million pieces of video content across 12 vertical channels, with 16 partner brands, and 60 live and looping feeds of domestic and international films and TV programmes. It uploads more than 3,000 pieces of new on-demand content per day.