Costa Rica and Japan in DTT knowledge transfer

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 10-12-2011

NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation, the inventor of HDTV among other technologies, will lend engineering support and training services to the state of Costa Rica, as the Central American country looks to establish its digital terrestrial television (DTT) system.
In line with most Latin American nations, Costa Rica has formally adopted the Japanese-Brazilian ISDB-Tb (also known as ISDB-T International) DTT specification. Analogue switch-off in the country is scheduled to take effect in 2017.
During a state trip to Japan, Costa Rica's president, Laura Chinchilla, visited NHK's headquarters in Tokio. Following a meeting with the broadcasting group's president, Masuyuki Matsumoto, it was informed that NHK will train Costa Rican engineers and technicians in the use of ISDB-Tb.
"We are hopeful that, with this decision, your country, Mrs. President, will become an example to follow for all of Latin America, since NHK has exported its technology to other nations and we have seen great results," Matsumoto told Chinchilla, who expressed her gratitude to the Japanese company.
Speaking to Costa Rican newspaper La Nación, the country's minister for Science and Technology, Alejandro Cruz, confirmed that – besides the transfer of knowledge – donations involving electronic equipment will also be part of the Japanese collaboration to help Costa Rica set up its DTT ecosystem.