Website offers rare glimpse of North Korean TV

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 11-12-2011

Former North Korean soldier Lim Young Sun, now living in Seoul, is running a website that streams state television in the North to show what the country he fled two decades ago is really like. Lim's Unification Broadcasting (SPTV) streams Korean Central Television, a risky business in Seoul where disseminating North Korean propaganda could see him fall foul of South Korea's tough National Security Law.
While the site (, the only one of its kind in the South, so far has an audience just in the thousands, Lim has a dream of attracting millions of viewers curious about life on the other side of the last Cold War frontier.
"I started live streaming three years ago mainly to let people here witness what North Korea is really like," he told AFP.
North Korean television is relayed by satellite to most of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. But its terrestrial signal south of the tense border is jammed by Seoul.