Astra opens 3D showcase in Germany

Jörn Krieger | 12-12-2011

Satellite operator SES has launched a demonstration channel for three-dimensional television on its orbital position 19.2° East.

The free-to-air 24 hour service targets the around 19 million Astra households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The 3D channel, which occupies the frequency 12.574 GHz H (SR 22,000, FEC 2/3), is mainly designed as a presentation and test platform for retailers, manufacturers and broadcasters, according to Astra Deutschland. The content will initially consist of a constantly repeated loop showing sports scenes which is updated monthly.

For reception, a 3D TV set with 3D glasses is needed in addition to an HD receiver. German industry association gfu expects around 1.3 million 3D TV sets to be sold in Germany by the end of 2011.

Wolfgang Elsäßer, managing director of Astra Deutschland, announced at the Medientage conference in Munich in October 2011 that the satellite company would set up a 3D showcase channel in December 2011 on its 19.2° East position.