Multi-screen home entertainment becoming a reality

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 13-12-2011

The emergence of connectivity technologies and standards such as Transcoding, DLNA, Wi-Fi, MoCA and Powerline Networking has cemented the uptake multi-screen home entertainment.
According to a survey conducted by JZ Analytics on behalf of wired and wireless communications technology firm Broadcom, people are showing an increased appetite for seamless and pervasive connections to consume digital content.

Overall the survey revealed that 87% of people were consuming more than 10 hours a week of digital content and more than half (54%) consume more than 20 hours a week. Just more than two-thirds (68%) say they watch more than two videos a day while nearly a quarter (24%) say they watch at least five videos a day.
The survey also gave a clear indication to operators as to where potential lines of profitability exist. Almost two-thirds (62%) would stream content that can normally only be watched on their TV to wireless devices such as PCs throughout the home should their cable or satellite provider offer the service. Moreover, a similar percentage (67%) were more likely to purchase a new HDTV that could connect directly to wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptop PCs and the internet compared to one that cannot.