OMVS dubs the cloud the "Hypernet' for mobile appisode TV

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 14-12-2011

On the Move Systems is continuing its staged rollout of apps for original mobile TV series with new wireless mobile video content optimised for cloud networks.
The move has already been dubbed as the 'Hypernet.' “The companies of tomorrow, including [On the Move Systems Media], are figuring out the seamless integration of the Web with the cloud, and we're making it mobile,” said OMVS CEO Patrick Brown.
“It's a fundamental shift in technology that could transform society and business, and we plan to leverage the Hypernet to achieve tremendous growth.”
The company's just-announced convergent digital media division, OMVS, is already talks with mobile content developers to create original series "appisodes" for in-app delivery of television content to smartphones and tablets, like the iPad and the sought-after Android-based Samsung Galaxy II. It's planning on producing programs specifically tailored to mobile devices, to tap an audience of more than 200 million potential mobile viewers worldwide. It will focus on direct-to-mobile video reality series programming to start with. The Hypernet meanwhile is meant to be a Web 3.0, mobility-centric, video-ready, anywhere, anytime, any-device communications mechanism.“
More and more, people are interacting online using apps on mobile devices, not browsers on PCs,” said Brown. “The Internet is changing to something far wider-reaching than the traditional Web. What matters now is Web 3.0, or the Hypernet: the Internet plus mobile apps and whatever replaces them. The Hypernet will be the marketplace in which OMVS reaches its clients.” If you think sounds a lot like the accepted conception of the consumer cloud by another name, you would be correct.“
Soon, we'll be wondering, ‘Whatever happened to the laptop computer?'” Brown said. “We'll store our data and access our programs from cloud-enabled servers on our mobile devices and wonder how we ever survived in the hard-disk era. This is the future that OMVS' new mobile video content is being designed for.”