The Dog Whisperer heads for Ecuador

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 14-12-2011

Los Angeles, California-based content distributor Rive Gauche Television has inked three separate deals with Latin American broadcasters for its TV series Dog whisperer, Scare tactics and Whacked out.
The programme that traces the surprisingly effortless way in which dog psychology expert Cesar Milla helps canines (and their owners) overcome a range of behavioural problems was acquired by Ecuadorian broadcaster Ecuavisa.
Specifically, the station bought the rights for seasons five and six of the series, which has been popularised in Latin America by Animal Planet. Included in the package acquired by Ecuavisa are a number of special episodes filmed in Australia and the UK.
Meanwhile, Mexican media group MVS has bought the TV rights for the second season of sports bloopers series Whacked out.
The third deal between Rive Gauche and a Latin American media organisation was for the Chilean TV market, where Universidad Católica de Valparaíso will be showing the debut season of Scare tactics, a hidden camera show hosted by actor, comedian and impersonator Tracy Morgan.
"Our extensive reality programming line-up carries tremendous appeal across Latin America," said Tomas Silva, vice president of international sales at Rive Gauche, before adding: "We look forward to furthering our slate of Latin American deals at NATPE."