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Thread: how to load id on protek 9600ip....

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    how to load id on protek 9600ip....

    hi guys... i'm new in the area and i have a protek 9600 it and i want to load an id number to it with my computer but every time i give the proteks ip to my browser i give it the username and the pass and then i get stuck... can somebody please help me with the rest of the process????

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    Re: how to load id on protek 9600ip....

    wthat is the U/n and pass for the 9600ip i have some keys and trying to give the with web loader need some help,also what are the latest bins

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    Re: how to load id on protek 9600ip....

    usually the default U/n is:admin and the pass:000.... but i don't know how to insert the id code... if somebody knows please tell me....

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