Ofcom gives UK TV advertising clean bill of health

A review of advertising trading and the quantity of TV on UK TV by broadcast regulator Ofcom has found no areas of concern.
With regards to its review of TV advertising trading, Ofcom examined the way TV advertising is bought and sold, and says that it found no clear evidence of harm to consumers. That is whether they were TV viewers, advertisers or end users of products advertised on TV.

Furthermore, and said the regulator with respect to the costs associated with a reference, Ofcom decides that it would ‘not be proportionate’ to refer the UK TV advertising market to the country’s Competition Commission.
Looking at regulating the quantity of advertising on UK TV, screens, the regulator was similarly well disposed towards the industry.
The existing regulation is designed to protect viewers’ interests in terms of exposure to advertising while at the same time ensuring that quality TV programming is available. In a statement regarding whether there was a case for consulting on the number of minutes of advertising allowed on TV, Ofcom concluded that the current rules remained fit for purpose and that there was is no compelling evidence to justify changing them at the present time.