Czech Republic looks to DVB-T2

10.31 Europe/London, December 15, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

The Czech national transmission company Ceske Radiokomunikace (CRa) has given an assessment of the country’s digital market and its future a month after analogue switch off.
In a statement, its CEO Kamil Levinsky said: “completing the digitalisation project does not mean the end for us; on the contrary, it marks the beginning of yet another important development stage, namely, full liberalisation of the TV market, which would allow a completely free entry to the Czech market by new international entities”.
He added: “Yet another priority is represented by the introduction of HD television broadcasting and the expansion of pay-TV. We are happy to confirm our position as the technology leader and to intermediate in offering Czech viewers fully fledged HD television broadcasting using the new successor DVB-T2 standard.”
CRa has invested CZK1 billion (€38.9 million) in the digitisation process since it began in 2007 and currently operates three of the country’s four multiplexes.
One of these (1) is on behalf of the public broadcaster CT and a second (3) through the CRa subsidiary Czech Digital Group (CDG).