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Thread: Predator auto aes

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    Predator auto aes


    Is it possible to get an auto a*s update with labtop for predator? I don't want to flash my receiver.Im not sure I can change predator keys via rs232/usd cable. Can somebody help me?

    Technomate TM5500DAPCI - Dragon cam - predator 3.43

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    Post Re: Predator auto aes

    hi , from my part i didn't notice any post saying that it's possible to integrate an autoroll key for predator (what it's should be done but i don't know why the devellopers didn't done that), but all what i know that u can change the key from remonte control, from my part iam using dec3000s with predator ( dragon cam) with my laptop and that allow me to update the key manually from CI interface of digital tv (software for dvb viewing come in with my package of hauppauge) and of corse i can do the same thing with my tv ( my dec is able to be plungin tv)

    that all what i know my friend i hope that will help u
    any way me too i am wendering if some one have done that before it could be very interesting idea
    ( sorry for my english )

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    Question Re: Predator auto aes

    Hi there,Is there any way to put bunch of A*E*Ses keys into Dragon module? or other way to auto enroll keys? without any connectivity to comp.

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