Sony will produce 3D TVs in Argentina

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 16-12-2011

The Japanese company, which already manufactures LCD and LED televisions in the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, will launch the first production line of 3D TVs in the country.
The project was announced as part of a US$30 million expansion plan, which will see the company taking further advantage of the Special Economic Zone status that regulates the electronics sector in the Argentine island.
Besides 3D screens, Sony will increase its production of LCD/LED TVs there, and it will also start assembling Vaio laptops. Argentina will therefore join Brazil and Malasia to become only the third nation where Sony manufactures its portable computers. Vaio production in Tierra del Fuego is due to begin next year.
Additionally, the company plans to manufacture stereo shelf systems, with the first batch of units scheduled to hit the shops before the end of this year.
"The big brands need to be present in a demanding market like Argentina's," said Débora Giorgi, the minister of industry. "The government requires a greater integration of national components and, in return, it gives traction to the technology market through its programmes designed to bridge the digital divide."
In a meeting with Giorgi, Sony executives revealed that the Sony Store that the company has in the Belgrano neighbourhood in the country's Capital, Buenos Aires, is the company's largest in the world. In terms of sales volumes, the shop is the second-most important behind the Sony Store located in Los Angeles, California.