TDF co-develops digital contents project B2M

As part of French Great Loan policy launched in 2009, terrestrial broadcast operator TDF, and the consortium it belongs to has been granted a subsidy to develop digital contents Broadcast Multimedia Mobile (B2M) project.
This amount of money will help covering 30 % of the global investment into this project that aims at supplying digital economy and media groups with innovative solutions to broadcast contents (TV, podcasts, catch-up TV, VOD…) on mobiles devices, either tablets or smartphones.
A prototype of B2M will be tested in the second half of 2012 and followed by several other trials before commercialization.
TDF, which on thisd project is associated to 7 other partners including Archos, Cognaq-Jay Image, and Airweb, is currently talking with content suppliers, distributors and telcos.
This project is the kind of service that could possibly replace the Mobile Personal Television project. Developed in the last five years as the mobile counterpart of DTT, TMP has been definitely abandoned after being made old-fashioned by the explosion of video content screenings from smartphones and tablets.