Ziggo adds iPhone and iPod to TV app

09.10 Europe/London, December 16, 2011 By Robert Briel

Dutch cable operator Ziggo has activated its TV app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, enabling subscribers to watch live streams of the main 10 Dutch TV channels. The functionality is already available for iPads.

Ziggo subscribers with an iPad, iPhone 3GS of 4(S) or iPod Touch (3rd of 4th generation) can now watch live streams of public channels Nederland 1, Nederland 2, and Nederland 3, and of private broadcasters RTL4, RTL5, RTL7, RTL8, Net5, SBS6 and Veronica.
The live TV service is available free of charge, but Ziggo customers need to also buy broadband via the operator. Streams are available in between 800 Kbps and 1.2 Mbps for iPads and between 200 and 500 Kbps for iPhone and iPod Touch.
For the moment, people need to be in and around their home in order to watch the live streams, but the TV app is also capable of receiving the live streams anywhere anytime. Ziggo has not activated this option, most likely because rights issues need to be settled first.
The Ziggo TV App also offers an EPG and a the VOD catalogue. However, viewing of the on-demand content is not yet possible on mobile devices.