New platform targets personalised viewing guides for online video and linear TV

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 17-12-2011

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), which operates the TV listings website, and Yidio, an internet TV episode aggregation engine, have announced a joint collaboration to explore new services that will blend linear TV schedules with online video content. The two platforms have already aligned through a sophisticated API that’s program data to Yidio’s warehouse of online episodes, creating a partnership that will give TV viewers the opportunity to transition between live viewing and online VOD content.
Yidio, whose video listings website receives over 10 million visitors per month, specialises in enabling TV enthusiasts to manage their entertainment activities across the growing array of video publishers. Pulling in data from hundreds of online sources to aggregate an accurate viewing directory, Yidio organises available video links into a cohesive, user-friendly platform.
“Today’s audiences have more options than ever before when it comes to the programs they watch, the outlets they choose to watch from and how they share that information with others,” said Brandon Eatros CEO and co-founder of Yidio, referencing interest in social TV and over the top (OTT) be consumers. “Being able to combine our video directory with TitanTV’s linear program schedule is a tremendous step towards defining the future standard of personalised electronic program guides.”
For the past decade, BIM’s TitanTV guides have appeared on nearly 1,000 television station Websites across all 210 DMAs., BIM’s national listings platform, also provides geo-specific TV lineups for over-the-air, satellite and cable providers. Using a combination of patented mapping technology, program management software (utilised by hundreds of broadcasters to update and distribute schedule changes), and a warehouse of expansive metadata, BIM is able to supply program details that can be parsed to strengthen other TV services.
“As television technology evolves, we are challenged to develop better methods for delivering program information that helps viewers not only decide what they will watch, but also guide how they will watch it,” said Mick Rinehart, BIM’s senior vice president of product and data services. “BIM is able to leverage our global program library and TitanTV database of local TV listings, to serve rich program data that can communicate with Yidio and other innovative video technologies.”