Ultra-smart TV lets fans discuss live sports via Facebook

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 17-12-2011

- James: That is a penalty, mate – rooney clearly felled inside the box.
- John: if that's a penalty i'm mother theresa. seen better diving from ronaldo!!
The dialogue, between two Facebook friends, scrolls down a semitransparent side bar to right of the widescreen, while the action on the pitch – and throughout the rest of the screen – continues.
To make the whole experience comfortable for viewers, each new line of text is not typed but simply spoken into the remote control, without taking the eyes from the TV. A microphone embedded in the remote is capturing each word; voice recognition software instantly turns them into text; and the connected TV publishes them on the social network in real time.
Such vision of the very near future of TV – which no doubt takes the interactive television concept to a whole new level – was shared earlier this week by Pablo Vidal, head of marketing with LG Electronics Spain, at a lunch with journalists.
LG is working on a new family of connected TVs that will include this type of functionality. Rumour has it that the Korean OEM might even use next month's CES show in Las Vegas to introduce the system.
While live sports looks set to become a favourite programming genre among active social network users keen on sharing what they're watching, the application will be available to all types of programmes and open to other microblogging platforms, such as Twitter.