First results for online video audience in France released

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 18-12-2011

Last September, some 28 million people watched a video at least once on their PC, watching on average 64 videos.

According to Médiamétrie’s first results about online video audience in France, French internauts spent 3 hours and sixteen minutes watching videos over one month.
Médiamétrie also revealed the top 15 of the most visited brand players. The first three platforms in the list are Google/ that reported 23, 2 million video viewers, followed by Dailymotion (11 million) and TF1-Wat TV that attracted 8.28 million viewers. French media group and its video sharing platform Wat generated 110 million videos viewed.
With a total of viewing hours reaching 17,3 million, TF1 places in second position just after Google (37 million hours). Other French media groups include France Télévisions (3,4 million unique visitors), M6 (3,35 million), Canal+ (3,2 million) and Allocine (2,62 million).