Time Warner Cable customers to get HBO GO and MAX GO

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 18-12-2011

Time Warner Cable has signed a deal to provide its customers with access to HBO GO, the streaming service from the cable channel. Cinemax subscribers will also be able to access content via MAX GO.

Time Warner will run a beta test of both services shortly, and it will launch in the next month.
Time Warner Cable customers who subscribe to HBO and/or Cinemax will have free, unlimited access to the corresponding online services at any time, on any computer in the US with a high-speed internet connection, as well as a host of other devices, including the iPad.
“HBO GO has been a tremendous success with our subscribers,” said Eric Kessler, co-president of HBO.
“We’re happy that Time Warner Cable customers will be able to enjoy this great product, which provides streaming of HBO’s programming library.”
“We’re very pleased to have completed an agreement that’s good for our customers,” said Susan Weinstein, group vice president of content acquisition for Time Warner Cable.
“HBO and Cinemax offer unique and compelling programming for our customers, and soon they’ll be able to access it both any time and anywhere.”
HBO GO, which offers more than 1,400 titles online, allows Time Warner Cable’s authenticated HBO customers to watch every episode of every season of HBO shows including Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, Sex and the City and Deadwood, plus HBO original films, mini series, sports, documentaries, specials and blockbuster theatricals.
HBO’s sister service, MAX GO, adds more than 400 titles of Cinemax programming online, providing access to hundreds of Hollywood hit movies, indies, cult favorites, the MAX After Dark series as well as new and exclusive, prime time drama series like Strike Back, specifically created for the channel.