Al Aan TV recognized for landmark achievement in Libya

Al Aan TV received the ‘Broadcast Achievement Award’ in recognition for its landmark achievements in Libya and being a medium for communication between Libyans and the rest of the world. The awards, presented at a ceremony in Dubai last month under the auspices of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and attended by more than 300 delegates from different Arab countries, recognized 14 outstanding achievements in both creativity in programming and technological innovations.

Al Aan TV’s technical project manager Muhammad Irfan, who received the award on behalf of the channel, said: "This award honors our efforts in Libya especially after we succeeded in our radio broadcast to key Libyan cities by using cutting-edge technology".

Dubai-based Al Aan TV was one of the first to seize the opportunity in Libya at the first signs of the revolution. From establishing radio transmission sites in the key cities of Libya, to providing internet access to the locals, to hiring and training young talents on how to become journalists and offering them the platform to share their stories with the world, to launching a newspaper covering local news - all added up to Al Aan’s already existing popularity with viewers in Libya.

“Our audience responds very positively when we play a leadership role in securing exclusive stories and having the right tools is crucial. The work we have done so far ensured that we have become an excellent media brand in Libya. Hundreds of international brands will now enter Libya. When they do their own independent research, they will find Al Aan to be a highly desirable advertising medium.” said Kristina Koubar, head of corporate communications at Al Aan.