France: 28 million online video viewers

07.20 Europe/London, December 19, 2011 By Robert Briel

During September 2011, 28 million French people watched an average of 64 videos for about 3 hours 16 minutes.

French media research company Médiamétrie has published for the first time French online video behaviour, with research done by Nielsen Net Ratings.
Google sites including YouTube led the Top 10, as in most of the rest of the world, with over 23.2 million people accessing the service and watching more than 1 billion videos during over 37 million hours.
Runner-up was Dailymotion, with just over 11 million online viewers watching more than 157 million videos during a total of over 4 million hours.
French private broadcasters TF1 came at third place with 8.3 million viewers, who watched 110 million videos for a total of 17.3 million hours. With regards to total viewing time, TF1 came in second place, mainly due to the long-form videos the broadcaster is offering.
Facebook was at number four with 4.5 million users and 16.4 million videos for a total of 679,000 hours; followed by Vimeo with 3.8 million user and 9.5 million videos (498,000 hours).

At number six, pubic broadcaster France Télévisions (3.4 million viewers, 8.9 million videos, 1.2 million hours); number seven M6 (3.35 million viewers, 19.5 million videos and 4.8 million hours)
At number 8 Canal+ and its news channel i-Télé, with combined 3.25 million viewers (16.8 million videos and 2.8 million hours), number nine the French movie portal Allo Cine (2.62 million viewers, 16.8 million videos, 520,000 hours) and at number 10 Megavideo (2.59 million viewers, 87.6 million videos, 8.4 million hours).