Concurrent patents ad insertion for content fast-forward

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 20-12-2011

It could be the dawn of a new digital advertising era: Concurrent has patented technology that enables ad segments to be presented within VOD, time-shifted TV and NDVR content.

With fast-forward and rewind functions also in progress, the new functionality provides a way for operators to protect advertising revenue.
For applications like network DVR, this 'trick mode' advertising is a valuable tool that can help ensure the linear ad programming is preserved even when consumers have interactive playback control over TV content.
"Concurrent continues to build our portfolio of patents related to network DVR and interactive video delivery," explained Bob Chism, CTO for Concurrent. "We believe network DVR services will be embraced by operators as a core multi-screen service offering, an area in which Concurrent is an innovative leader. Thanks to our R&D team's vision and diligence, our customers will have a new way to generate revenue through video advertising, and to address advertisers' desire to preserve ad viewership."
The technology within patent #8,079,052 enables ad segments to be inserted into trick files, which are used to enable fast-forward and rewind features on VOD, time-shifted TV and network DVR systems.
Both specialised ad content or trick-mode specific ad content can be inserted into the trick file. This ad content will be presented to consumers while they are controlling the playback of their interactive video content, such as when they are fast forwarding through a commercial break while watching time-shifted TV programming.