Saudi Telecom to boost stake in Intigral

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 20-12-2011

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is to purchase another 20%, worth SR90 million, of Intigral - the digital content provider in which it already holds a 51% stake.

STC has concluded an agreement with Saudi Research & Marketing Group to acquire its stake in the company, which is also jointly owned by All Asia Networks.
Intigral acquires the rights to television serials and movies which it then encodes for internet or mobile delivery, and has recently concluded deals with some major Hollywood studios to boost the on demand movie content of STC’s internet protocol television (IPTV) service, Invision.
The company Intigralhas partnerships with over 400 content providers in the Arab world and 20 content providers globally, according to Arab News. Intigral is also reportedly planning to launch an applications store of niche content for smart devices.
STC said the share acquisition is part of its strategy to focus on content services that are of primary importance to its customers.