CNN plans digital TV Everywhere expansion to target FOX, MSNBC

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 20-12-2011

CNNis looking to expand its digital distribution strategy to catch up to rivals like FOX News and MSNBC in terms of viewer engagement.
The company already employs an extensive 'TV Everywhere' strategy with an app that streams content to iPads, iPhones and online to cable-authenticated viewers and President Jim Walton told Bloomberg that CNN is looking at companies that help bolster its content portfolio as well as extend access to more mobile and set-top devices, though what exactly it is that the company is looking for remains unanswered.
"If it helps us in that goal [to expand content and platform choices], we’ll be looking," he told the news service. "I wouldn’t rule anything out, but our focus is on digital."
The venerable news station, which pioneered for better or for worse the idea of the 24-hour news network, averages a daily audience of just 703,000. The right-leaning FOX News commands a daily draw of 1.86 million people, while its more liberal rival MSNBC claims 778,000. However, Nielsen shows that the network is in growth mode compared to the other two. The prime-time audience grew 18% through November, year over year, compared to a small 2% increase for MSNBC and a 9% decrease or FOX.
The digital strategy is targeted at continuing that expansion, especially with an expansion to the Android platform. CNN is out in front with the initiative, as the only cable news network to stream its content to multiple screens. Right now its digital content addresses 70 million pay-TV customers.