Roj TV to broadcast from Syria if shut down in Denmark
December 20th, 2011 - 17:03 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

Roj TV will broadcast from Syria if a court in Denmark rules for the closure of the TV station, which is suspected of being affiliated to the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), according to unnamed sources. The City Court of Copenhagen will announce its final verdict on 10 January regarding the closure case of Roj TV, a Kurdish-language television station suspected of having ties to and disseminating the propaganda of the terrorist PKK.

According to the unnamed sources, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and senior PKK terrorists have agreed that Roj TV can broadcast from Syria. If the court rules to shut down the TV station, Roj TV is expected to appeal the decision, which could mean the station can continue broadcasting from Denmark until 2013, unless the court specifies that the station must be closed down immediately. The prosecutor will also file an appeal if the charges are dropped, the Cihan news agency reported last week.

After countless complaints and petitions from the Turkish government over a number of years, in August 2010 Denmark’s public prosecution opened a court case against Roj TV, charging it with helping to promote the PKK. The PKK is considered a terrorist group by Turkey, the US and the European Union. Its members are fighting for autonomy in Turkey’s Southeast, a conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people since 1984. Roj TV has a Danish broadcasting license, but has no studios in Denmark.

Prosecutors Anders Risager and Jakob Buch-Jepsen, who announced their final opinion during the 28th hearing of the trial on 7 December, said the TV station is the voice of the terrorist PKK and have requested a Danish court to ban the channel from broadcasting. They submitted evidence of orders from PKK executives to Roj TV and photographs of Roj TV employees taken in the PKK’s bases in the Kandil Mountains in northern Iraq. Buch-Jepsen said during the hearing that the evidence they put forward clearly proves that Roj TV is completely under the control of the PKK, both administratively and financially.