Lifetime shakes up 2012 original movie roster

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 22-12-2011

The 'Lifetime Movie' may be an American pop culture stalwart known for its issues-oriented storylines and tear-jerker endings, but owner A+E Networks has finalised a number of licensing agreements with major broadcasters in Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and the US.
The deals cover a range of new productions that expand both focus and territory for the flagship content offering of the 'network for women.'
“We’re thrilled to close out 2011 with a sold roster of movie sales and we look forward to expanding into additional territories next year with our new 2012 Lifetime movie slate,” said Sean Cohan, senior vice president international for A+E Networks.
Featuring major Hollywood and international stars, the 2012 roster of Lifetime movies range from crime thrillers and dramas to the more familiar true stories ‘ripped from headlines’ – scandals, courtroom dramas and real events featuring women in the spotlight. In the U.S., Lifetime is the #1 rated and most-watched network for original movies among women.
New distributors will include Shaw Media in Canada, TF1 France, Nitro and Neox in Spain, HBO Poland, RTL in the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Kallenbach and RAI in Italy, VTM Belgium, Radio Television Malaysia, and AFRTS in the U.S.