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Thread: what's Btkcam ?

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    what's Btkcam ?

    can you please explain what's Btkcam. And how it works.

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    Re: what's Btkcam ?

    it's ok i find this in the other forum
    DCW Server and CAM clients.
    Hi All,

    Let me explain what DCWserver and Cam Clients are;

    Basically, DCWserver (Btkserver) is a Card Re-Share Proxy Server with E1 and E2 DM clients. There are couple of binary and config files in the system. Right now, only btkserver and Cam clients are public.

    Btkserver has 3 type of binaries:
    btksrv_x86 : Linux 32 bit platform binary. Developed and tested on Debian 6.X
    Btksrv_ppc : Dm500 like platform binary. cross compiled. same source
    Btksrv_mips: Dm800 like platform binary. same above.
    - Btkserver can re-share your Newcamd line to 1000s of users with a simple configuration. Also it has Filter features that helps you to protect your card and to improve performance. Shortly Btkserver is a high performance proxy server for specified N: lines. Current build supports 2 N: lines. (Limited by me, normally supports 50 N: lines.) Also You need to start server binary with a password. Current builds password is "demo".
    - Btkserver requires "dcwserver.cfg" configuration file and (optional) "dcwbiss.cfg" in same folder where you installed btkserver. To run the application,
    change directory (cd /home/test) to your btksrv binary located folder and type "./btksrv_x86 demo" OR
    you can type any where "./var/test/btksrv_x86 demo -C /var/test/"
    - Btkserver has been tested with different providers and crypt systems. Currently Supports BISS, VIA, Seca, Irdeto, Cryptoworks, Betacrypt, Nagra, Conax and NDS. Server side has no problem with handling these crypt systems but clients require some tweak or fix to support all.

    BTKCAM :
    Btkcam has 2 type of binaries.
    Btksrv_ppc : Dm500 like platform binary. : BISS, VIA, SECA, IRDETO, CW, Conax, Nagra, Betacrypt are supported. NDS needs fix.
    Btksrv_mips : Dm800 like platform binary. (Vu+ ok) BISS, VIA, SECA, IRDETO, CW, Conax, Nagra, Betacrypt are supported. Sone VIA channels and NDS needs fix.
    Simply, connects to server and gets DCWs from the server. Clients need "btkcam.cfg" in /var/keys/ folder.

    As a summary,

    With BTKCAM FIles, You can re-share your N: line with everyone. You can limit channels you share. And you can use a single username password for everyone.
    There are explanation in all cfg files. It is easy to configure and run. Below you will find the block diagram of btkserver and files.
    Below diagram covers BTKproxy, Ecmsend and Zapcam which are not public. Simply Btkproxy is an high performance, Load balancing and security optimized Card Server Proxy application. (Total file size of btkproxy is between 70K-100K.)

    thanks to billytk06

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