To patch by USB:

Method #1
Extract the bin file to a USB stick and insert it in your Eaglebox HD

Menu - Setting - Upgrade - USB/Card Upgrade - /udska1

Select the file

Press OK and wait.. the receiver will reboot.

Method #2 (also to emergency reflash)
Extract the bin file to a USB stick
Rename it to rom.bin and insert the stick in your Eaglebox HD

Reboot the receiver. Upgrade will take place automatically.

When it is finished, remove the USB Stick and reboot. Remove or rename the rom.bin file from the USB stick to prevent an upgrade on every reboot.
Factory reset after patching.

To Turn on the patch

Menu - Setting - move the cursor to Version
press the Red Button
In the Popup box enter the PIN number 1510

Super Setting will appear under Version.

Use the same process to turn it off.

Factory reset before and after upgrading.