Cuevana premieres first legally uploaded movie

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 23-12-2011

An Argentinean film shot over seven years ago but never released has become the first ever piece of video content to be legally available on controversial OTT platform Cuevana.
Yesterday, the online streaming video website (Latin America's largest by far) exclusively premiered Stephanie, a film featuring Antonio Birabent and Soledad Fandiño.
Directed by Maximiliano Gerscovich, the movie was made simultaneously available on its own website (, using the streaming video player developed by Cuevana.

The film creators claim this was one of Argentina's first productions to be shot in HD. The movie, which won the Best Director award at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2005, can be watched free of charge in HD.
It is the first time that an Argentine film has been premiered on the Internet. For Cuevana – which has recently seen a series of lawsuits filed against it by HBO, Turner and other content owners accusing the company of copyright infringement – the fully authorised distribution of Stephanie will mark the beginning of a new era.
The OTT company created by Tomás Escobar has been insisting lately that it is actively looking for partnerships with independent content owners interested in having their titles indexed on Cuevana. But he is adamant that content should always be available at no cost whatsoever to viewers.
With 15 million registered users and about three million unique visitors a day, the online video platform has a potentially much larger – albeit surely less profitable – market to offer than conventional movie theatre distribution systems.