Marca TV scores with increased audience

I˝aki Ferreras ęRapidTVNews | 23-12-2011

Spain's Unidad Editorial's sports channel Marca TV has had a stunning year in 2011 increasing its audience 80%.
The consequence of the success of this free-to-air DTT channel based on teh leding Spanish sports daily is added stress on football soccer programs such as 'Futboleros' and 'MarcaGol'.
On the financial side in the last four months this year the channel has had nearly the same incomes as in the rest of this year so its executives are very optimistic as per next year's forecasts. King Cup's and the Madrid-Barša el classico.
With regard to the news on the channel's programming there will be top level football matches such as the Kingĺs Cup (Copa del Ray) and the Madrid-Barcelona el classico. There is no doubt football is the king and key content for the Spanish broadcasters..