Turner to launch new movie pay-TV channel in Spain

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 23-12-2011

Turner Broadcasting System is regarding Spain as a country where pay-TV is at a standstill, where national private free-to-air broadcasters are merging and where broadcasters will have to rethink its business model.
Now the producer announced the immediate launch of pay-TV cinema channel TCM Autor. This is a new TV channel for pay-TV operators with the best of the author movies of all time and from the five continents. The channel will begin transmissions next February 1st.
On the other hand the channel will contain the products of the independent film producers which commercialise this type of cinema in Spain.
This way the TCM channel will re-orientate its offering in Spain focussing on a wider audience who will get quality films from any history period and of any style. And on its side TCM Autor will focus on more minority and risky films which on the other hand have been fundamental in the development of the cinema language.