Strengholt takes interest in Brava TV channels

09.35 Europe/London, December 23, 2011 By Robert Briel

The Dutch media and entertainment group Strengholt has taken an undisclosed interest in the Brava TV holding company.

Brava TV was launched by two Dutch media entrepreneurs, Jur Bron and Gerard Ardesch. Offices will move to the Strengholt HQ Hofstede ‘Oud-Bussem’ in the town of Naarden. Play-out of the channels will remain at the current facilities in Steenwijk.

Brava TV currently has four digital TV channels, BravaNL, BravaHDTV, Brava3D and the German music channel SchlagerTV.
Of these, the HD and 3D channels are distributed internationally. BravaHDTV currently has a potential reach of 25 million households. Brava 3D is the only 24/7 cultural channel in 3D. The plan is to also roll out SchlagerTV to international platforms.
In a related development, Brava said that KPN Interactieve TV will replace French music channel Mezzo with Dutch music and cultural channel BravaNL on its network.
BravaNL is already available on most platforms including UPC, Ziggo, a few small cablenets and FTTH provider Glashart Media