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Thread: omnia small chip (ATR C1)

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    omnia small chip (ATR C1)

    for those with Omnia small chip (ATR C1) who wants to have at least Absat on this card, with a phoenix proggy first pass the ActUpdT091111 then the update.exe you will find on the upload center and here. it works for the cine and documentary channels, 100% tested here with oscam

    Omnia small chip.rar

    Merry xmas to all and enjoy this nice update (thx to its programmer i don't know)

    Best regards

    translation fr : pour ceux qui veulent recupérer au moins Absat sur Omnia petite puce (avec ATR C1) télécharger le rar ci dessus et ensuite avec un programmateur phoenix passez d'abord la MAJ ActUpdT091111 puis celle nommé Update. ca fonctionne pour les chaines cine et documentaires de Absat, vérifié avec oscam ici

    Joyeux Noel a tous et merci aux programmeurs de cette MAJ (que je ne connais pas)


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    Re: omnia small chip (ATR C1)


    work for absat
    but black screen with csat 22610 and cccam 214
    need cccam.prio for ignore csat 22610 and priore absat

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    Re: omnia small chip (ATR C1)

    juste put this in your prio
    # P :0500:022610
    like this you ignore this provider when omnia not work.

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    Re: omnia small chip (ATR C1)

    No Mobra, this won't work : on Omnia small chip, 22610 is used both for csat channels and bis/absat channels. So you have to make a prio channels by channels and not on whole provider

    Best regards and merry Xmas

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    Re: omnia small chip (ATR C1)

    you can use a new version CCcam 2.3.0 to block canalsat Sids "black screen"

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