Brazil bottom of the list in non-PC based Internet access

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 24-12-2011

A study carried out by market research firm ComScore has caught Brazil at the very bottom of a Latin American ranking on non-computer connected device usage.

Specifically, the analyst house set out to gather quantitative data about the amount of Web pages being accessed from smartphones, tablets and other devices other than PCs and laptops.
Of the ten countries included in the study, Brazil saw the lowest usage percentage: only 1.3% of total Web traffic in the country comes from non-computer devices. At the other end of the scale was Puerto Rico, with 5.9%, followed by Costa Rica (3.7%), Chile (3.1%), Mexico (2.9%) and Colombia (2%).
Chile and Argentina registered Latin America's highest rates in terms of mobile-phone based Internet usage. Without taking into account PCs and laptops, these nations generated 78.8% and 77%, respectively, of their Web traffic from smartphones. They were followed by Peru (65%), Costa Rica (63.9%), Mexico (58.2%), Ecuador (58%) and Venezuela (57.8%).
When it came to using tablets to access the Internet, Brazil came on top. The CommScore report showed that, in those rare instances when Brazilians surf the Web from a connected device, 39% of the time they do it using a tablet.
Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Ecuador are the only other countries where this percentage is higher than 30%. On the other hand, Argentina and Chile are the only markets where it doesn't reach 20% – a figure undoubtedly explained by the high incidence of smartphone usage for Web surfing in those markets.