Tricolor TV to widen reach

08.55 Europe/London, December 26, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

The leading Russian DTH platform Tricolor TV will launch a new service known as ‘House Network’ in January.

According to AKTR and Tass Telekom, it will operate on a ‘cascade’ basis, allowing residents of apartment blocks to connect to Tricolor TV using a communal dish and individual receivers.
To receive the service, they will be required to sign a contract with a management company or builder of the block in question, or alternately a householders’ association.
Reception equipment will cost R6,500 (€155.9) and viewers will be charged the same subscription fee as existing customers.
The service will initially be introduced on a trial basis in Moscow and Leningrad region.
Tricolor TV is expected to end this year with around 10 million subscribers.