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Thread: conax card Version 7

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    Exclamation conax card Version 7

    i have problem to work with conax card Version 7 (it dosn't work with dragon cam 3.43) even he read the card but he don't show the channels.

    please help me in this case


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    Re: conax card Version 7

    as i know the original cards works perfect with old firmware verisions from 3.10 to 3.14, I hope I'm right 1 hundred %, any way you dont lose anything.
    good luck

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    Re: conax card Version 7


    it dosn't work at all.

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    Re: conax card Version 7

    It's most likely do to a conflict, or the non-existance of, the correct CAID in the CAID's Table. There should be no reasion why the CAM shouldn't read Conax. As it used to. Given that lattter versions of the Predator Software have given up on Conax - (i.e. No Keys!), they decided to embed CryptoWorks instead. So since that time I've always had to edit the CAID Table to use '1722' (For Kable Deutschland), W/Cerebro. Othewise it did (and does), not work.

    So try to find out which CAID is correct, then useing the Dragoncrypt Software make you Changes. Burn it to your Loader Card and Update! Hopefully that will be enough to get you up and running...

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