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Thread: Kerni-HD1R2whitemod! für Vu+ Solo, Duo, Uno und Ultimo!

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    Kerni-HD1R2whitemod! für Vu+ Solo, Duo, Uno und Ultimo!

    Vu + for solo, duo, Uno and end!

    Modification of Kerni-HD1R2:
    - White and blue design
    - Reduced information in the Infobar
    - Optimizes legibility of texts EPG
    - SNR and AGC bargraph into infobar
    - New volume indicator
    - Display of sub-channels, if any, in the Infobar
    - Display fan speed and temperature in the Secondinfobar

    Supported plugins:
    Cool TV Guide 5.x.x
    Enhanced Movie Center 2.x.x to R6
    Enhanced Movie Center 3.x.x from R7
    Easy PG
    File browser
    Call Fritz
    FPGA upgrade
    Merlin Music Player PGII
    Movie Jukebox
    Movie Tagger
    Mytube Player
    Remote control code
    Permanent Clock
    PictureCenterFS 2.x.x
    Prime Time Manager
    Second infobar
    WebradioFS 5.x.x
    3D UI setup
    VLC Player
    VTI panel
    Web Browser

    IPK package copy to / tmp and install over the VTI panel.


    New skin.xml

    Display dark background

    change skin.xml and Gui-Restart

    thx schomi
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