Cablevisión grows in an ever more competitive Paraguayan pay-TV market

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 28-12-2011

The Paraguayan subsidiary of Argentinean cable operator Cablevisión will end 2011, a year that will be remembered for the arrival of a host of new players in the domestic pay-TV market, with 116,000 subs.

Speaking to Paraguayan newspaper La Nación, Carlos Rodríguez, head of public relations with Cablevisión Paraguay, said this figure equated to a 10% annual increase in the number of subscribers that the MSO had attracted in the capital city, Asunción, and the Greater Asunción area.
Fibertel, the cable broadband service that the company offers in Paraguay, doubled its number of customers between the beginning and the end of this year – going from 5,000 to 10,000 subscribers.
Starting in 2012, the company plans to extend its residential broadband footprint to other areas of Greater Asunción. Existing 1, 3, 6 and 10 Mbit/s services will also be complemented with a new 30 Mbit/s offering, similar to one the operator launched in Argentina earlier this year.
To be able to carry out this and other expansion plans in Paraguay, Cablevisión has announced an investment of US$26 million, to be spent over the next five years.
While the MSO has been the undisputed leader in the domestic pay-TV marker for some time now, throughout 2011 the company has witnessed the emergence of a much more competitive landscape, which will undoubtedly begin to put pressure on Cablevisión from now on.
The year that is about to end has seen the establishment of new operators coming from virtually every one of the technology platforms usually used to delivery pay television. On the DTH front, América Móvil's Claro launched a service in mid-2011, while Chile's TuVes continued with its aggressive commercial strategy based on a prepaid DTH system offering nationwide coverage.
In the cable sector, mobile telephony operator Tigo has announced it is ready to switch on its new HFC network in the city of Lambaré. And Claro is also working on a cable TV service that will go head-to-head with Cablevisión in Asunción.
Finally in the IPTV sector, state-owned telecoms company Copaco launched the country's first such service a couple of weeks ago. Featuring some 80 TV channels (including 10 in HD), it is initially available in those areas where the telco currently offers ADSL broadband connectivity.