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Thread: Manual for Ipnoys Configuration

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    Question Manual for Ipnoys Configuration


    I'm completely new with Ipnosys and I didn't find any good documentation for it configuration. Can someone explain me ? My existential questions :

    [Language] => ok I've understand this :)
    [Caids file] => what mean CAIDS ? what this file is used for ?
    [Auto PMT] (ON/OFF) => what mean PMT ?
    [Emulators] (ON/OFF) => When it's useful to use it ?
    [SmartCards EMMs] (ON/OFF) => What mean EMMs ?
    [Emulators Priority] => I think I've got this, but doesn't them to work well in my case.
    [Fixed CW] (ON/OFF) => What mean CW ?
    [SmartCard Mesg] => in which conditions those messages should appearded ?
    [Speed Stream] => What useful for ?


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    Re: Manual for Ipnoys Configuration

    When the new files are posted there is an explanation of the best settings for the CAM. Ipnosys is an emulator so Emulators must be set to on with the emulators as first priority smartcard mesg should be never.

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