Taiwan's GTV has licence renewed with conditions

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 29-12-2011

Taiwan's Gala Television (GTV) has had the licence for its drama channel renewed by the National Communications Commission (NCC) on the condition that it reduces the percentage of South Korean dramas in its programming.

According to the Taipei Times, from June 2012 it will have to dedicate at least one hour between 6pm and midnight on weekdays to airing dramas that were not produced in South Korea, making it the first drama channel in Taiwan required to do so.
The channel was asked to adjust its prime-time programming because TV viewership is high during those hours and audiences are more likely to notice the difference, the commission said.
Furthermore, the number of hours for non-South Korean dramas should be increased from at least one hour to two hours, with the average number of hours for non-South Korean dramas set at 1.5 hours a day, the commission said. The overall percentage for domestic programmes aired by the channel must not be less than 20%, it said.
NCC spokesperson Chen Jeng-chang said: “The commission handles each licence renewal application with fairness. All channels will be asked to voluntarily commit to increasing the quality of their programming, including diversifying their programme sources, lowering programme rerun rates and programmes from a specific country and increasing the percentage of programmes for children and teenagers.”