Bulgaria confirms new DTT tender

12.23 Europe/London, December 29, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

Bulgaria has confirmed it will hold another DTT contest in order to stave off legal action and the threat of a heavy fine from the European Commission.
Novinite reports that the country’s parliament has adopted legal amendments that require the communications regulator to prepare new tender documents for September 1, 2013, when ASO takes place.
Prior to this, some BGN150 million (€76.6 million) will be spent on freeing up frequencies currently held by the military.
The EC is questioning the lack of transparency in the award of licences for a total of six multiplexes to Slovenia’s Towercom and Latvia’s Hannu Pro in 2009.
It launched infringement proceedings in mid-2011 and is expected to make a final ruling shortly, though this may be delayed due to Bulgaria’s decision to hold another tender.