Very merry Christmas for Channel 4

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 30-12-2011

As it is on the point of celebrating its 30th birthday in 2012, and rounding off an excellent year for its 4oD VOD offering, Channel 4 has chalked up its best Christmas ratings in six years.

Share of viewing for the UK’s fourth largest terrestrial broadcaster also reached a five year high with 7.2% for core channel, up 1,6% compared with the same period in 2010, and the highest portfolio share since launching free to air digital channels in 2001 with 11.7%.
Across the five days of Christmas, Channel 4's share was up by over a third compared to 2010's peak transmission hours (1730-2400) and experienced the highest increases in share for whole day of any terrestrial channel Year on Year (+27%). There were even greater gains for 16-34 audiences at both peak time, up 57% year on year, and the whole day, an annual rise of 40%.
Christmas Day also marked the most people tuning in since 1999, also the best Christmas day for share since 2006. Strong performances from programmes featuring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and comedian Alan Carr made particular contributions to the stats yet the channel's top performer during the Christmas period was the Big Fat Quiz of the Year (27th, 9pm) which brought in 3.5 million viewers (up 14% year on year) and a 15.1% share.