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    Question Help setting up Dvb card

    Hello to all who reads this. I just got a DVB card and i'm not sure how to get it working. If anyone can help me that would be great. I'm not interested in PPV, or movies, as i don't really watch movies. I just want to watch some channels with this card. I'm using ritzdvb, which a friend gave me a copy of. He hasn't use his card in long time, so maybe i got so old files. I'm using a twinhan dtv satellite card 102g. We have BEV, so i just hooked up to the dish and i know it works. My computer specs are, Amd 2800 2.12 GHz, with 512megs of ram, an nvidia geforce 6200 video card, and the Twinhan dtv 102g card. When i start ritzdvb, i only get 2 per view channels and one radio channel. If anyone can tell me what files i need, or where i can go to get information on how to get this card working, i would be very happy. Thank you.

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    Re: Help setting up Dvb card

    Hello, unfortunately you picked a bad time to set up your card as both Dishnetwork and BEV have new algo 60 commands implemented in them (Need Mapcall dump to resolve). Doesn't look like this will happen..rumors have been flying that viewsat has cracked the mapcall but everytime they promise a fix they come back and say they need more time. The authors of the decoding emulators (s2emu and vPlug) can not implement any fixes untill the mapcall has been dumped. I'm assuming you either live in Canada or in North America. vPlug is working with some European satellites like TPS AES. You can find the s2emu and vPlug plugins in the dvb card section under plugins and test them yourselves. Basically only thing up on Dish is a few locals (In the 6000-9000 channel range) and I believe almost everything on BEV is gone. So your card will basically be non-functional except for true free-to-air signals. I'd install the s2emu v1.26 plugin, point it to echostar 6,8 and play with it in hopes that a fix does come out. In that case you'll be ready. Seems popped plastic rom102's are the way to go at this point. Hope this helps...feel free to respond if you have any questions. Cheers!

    Your FunFiles Team

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