I have TVTotal on Echolite CDVB5668 receivers. Because I have two, TVTotal has them connected to a phone line to prove that both are at the same address. Nearly every day, the system crashes saying "you need to subscribe to this channel" and both receivers go out. "Customer Service" reconnects it every day saying I "must have a problem with my phone line."

My phone adapter logs all calls in and out of the house, and NOTHING is coming from TVTotal OR from their receivers.

Does anybody know how this system is supposed to work? Should the Echolite CDVB5668 decoders be calling out, or should TVTotal's system be calling decoders as "Customer Service" says? The phone does not ring, so how could anything be calling in?

Does somebody know how to get the second decoder working for TVTotal's package without this nonsense? I am really tired of paying for a TV package for TWO decoders, when their crazy security system blocks BOTH receivers.