Second Mongolian-language TV channel launches
January 1st, 2012 - 13:02 UTC
by Andy Sennitt.

The second non-commercial TV channel to broadcast only in the Mongolian language is launched today in north Chinaís Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, local authorities said. Run by local Neimenggu Television, the station will provide the regionís Mongolian-speaking population with cultural programmes and Mongolian-subbed TV operas, said Liu Yongxin, head of the regional administration of radio, film, and television. No commercial advertisements will be interspersed in its programmes, and the channelís funding will come solely from the regional government, Liu said.

ďMy familyís Mandarin is poor, so we only watch the Mongolian-language TV channel. Itís great that we have another channel and more programmes to watch,Ē said Nayintai, a local Mongolian herdsman. Prior to the new channel, there had been one TV channel and several radio stations in the region that broadcast in the Mongolian language.

China has a population of 4 million people that learn or speak the Mongolian language, and they mainly live in Inner Mongolia.