Uruguay Plans to Launch Its First Satellite in 2013

The project has been going on for four years and is meant to cover rural areas where optical fiber won't be available. It requires an investment close to U$S100.000.

Uruguay will be launching its first satellite in 2013. The satellite will work on a low orbit and will be fed from solar energy. It will also cost U$S100.000.

Apart from Uruguay, there are other Latin American countries that have joined this experience. Ecuador is set to launch its Cubesat 1U in late 2012 and Chile also plans to have its satellite in orbit by 2012. Peru has also announced the launch of Chasqui I for the end of this year.

Experts agree that optical fiber is the ideal means for data transmission, yet satellite communication reaches everywhere and could be used nationwide.

Over 30 students have been working on this project since 2007 as their final project for their University degrees. They presented the project to Antel, the state's telecommunications company, which decided to support and finance the initiative. The telco will also contribute to the project with its technicians and specialists, who will take care of putting the satellite into operation.