2011: the top-ten stories of RTVN Argentina

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 02-01-2012

On the 19th of September, 2011, Rapid TV News Argentina became the latest country section to join the premier online daily news service for the global television industry.
Since then, we have been covering every major development taking place or affecting the domestic and wider Latin American TV sector. But... which specific stories grabbed the attention of our Spanish-speaking readers the most during these nearly three-and-a-half months?
(Note: where available, a link to the English version of the story is provided)
10. In tenth place appears one of the three headlines with which Rapid TV News Argentina made its debut on September 19: "Argentine telcos lagging in pay-TV opportunities compared with their Brazilian counterparts".

9. Three days later, the news that Carlos Slim's Claro was moving one step closer to becoming a pay-TV operator in Argentina grabbed the ninth spot.

8. In eight, our readers wanted to find out more about the incorporation by DirecTV of Argentine channel Incaa TV into the DTH operator's line-up, a story we broke in mid-October.

7. The first non-Argentinean story to break into the top-ten of Rapid TV News Argentina 2011 came from Mexico, when – at the end of September – we informed that Netflix had a new rival there.

6. Mexico was also directly involved in our 2011 sixth-placed news story, since the agreement that Media Networks Latin America reached to expand its satellite capacity in September had Mexican operator Satmex as the other main player of the deal.
5. The top-five countdown of the hottest news stories in the Southern Cone starts with our readers interested in a new cable TV operator that we informed was preparing to launch in the Argentine province of Catamarca.

4. "New round of Argentine DTT tests authorised", was the headline that moved a large-enough number of our readers to take the story to number four in the ranking.

3. The bronze medal went to another of the stories that we published on that auspicious 19th of September while launching Rapid TV News Argentina, when we confirmed that the MSO Cablevisión was adding the channels ordered by the Argentine Government to its digital line-up.

2. With the Pan American Games in full swing in Guadalajara, Mexico, the news that Telmex wouldn't halt its controversial live OTT coverage of the event made it all the way up to second spot.

1. Fittingly for a 'competition', the top prize went to a news story from the world of sports: it followed our announcement, on November 16, that ESPN3 was joining Cablevisión Argentina.

For 2012 – besides wishing each of our readers all the very best and taking the opportunity to thank them for their support in 2011 – expect more breaking news, more in-depth analysis, more relevant information and a few surprises down the road.